Sunday, 6 March 2011

 Aedas Presents: Shadow Maps

Preview Show 6 pm Thursday 10 February 2011
Colmore Plaza, Birmingham

The third event in a series of exciting exhibitions promoting students and emerging artists; Aedas Presents Shadow Maps - the work of Jo Gane.

For Aedas, Gane has assembled a body of work made with teams of field archaeologists at various dig sites which explores the search for evidence of history and plotting of time within the landscape. Instead of unearthing finds, the archaeologists spend time chasing shadows and mapping out past events. 

The installation for Aedas Presents will include both photographs of archaeological constructions and projections of shadows. The photographs act to give the shadows a physical reference point and will describe the functioning of time as a mapped spatial dimension, whilst the shadows will describe the unknown historic events that occurred within these sites.

Aedas Presents welcome you to join us at this exclusive invitation only preview show from 6 pm - 8 pm on Thursday 10 February 2011. If you cannot make this date, Shadow Maps will be displayed in Colmore Plaza until Friday 18 February. Please contact to arrange a visit.
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