Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Aedas Presents Bharti Parmar - The Breakfast Talk

To accompany Bharti Parmar's site-specific work for the Aedas Studio, "Shag": a shagpile carpet made from human hair, Aedas Presents held an exclusive invitation only breakfast talk last week.

Following a short informal presentation of the background of "Shag" by the artist, we held a conversation on the social and cultural issues that this work raises.  A total of 17 attendees joined us at this event from various disciplines ranging from theatre, anthropology, science and architecture. 

Bharti also showed us a video of part of her inspiration - Zoran Todorovic,‘Warmth’.  Large quantities of industrial type sheets-blankets, produced from human hair leaving the ‘imprint of hundreds of Serbian people’.

The event proved to be an interesting, insightful and enjoyable start to the day.

Key themes included:

·         Hair – structural/sculptural quality
·         Memory stimulated through love tokens – mourning jewellery (18th/19th century), sentimentality.
·         Paradox of hair, it is dead yet conjures up images of a living person.
·         Hair- self/identity
·         Site-specific, challenge of exhibiting within an office environment.
·         ‘Shag’, a substitution- green rug/hair rug. Derived from surrealist movement.
·         Disgust and desire.
·         Cool corporate environment, disrupt the space with slightly ‘taboo’ elements.
·         The process/origins of the hair (European expensive, most asian hair cheaper)

The show will remain at Colmore Plaza until the end of May.  To arrange a visit please email:

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